Mobile broadband narrows digital divide

3 Nov 2014

Costa Rica’s digital divide has narrowed by 35% over the last five years, the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications was quoted by TeleSemana as saying, attributing the industry’s growth to the launch of mobile broadband services. According to the official, speaking at the Expo-Telecom event, 47% of households now have internet access, whilst cellular penetration has passed 120%. The director of GSMA Latin America, meanwhile, commented that smartphones were used by 27% of all mobile customers in the country but made up 95% of mobile data traffic, adding that the main challenge facing the industry is meeting the growing demand for mobile data. Elsewhere, Maryleana Mendez, the head of Costa Rican telecoms watchdog Sutel, revealed that the industry contributed 2.4% of GDP in 2013.