Intertelecom transfers Crimean operations to Russian company under same brand

29 Oct 2014

Ukraine’s leading CDMA mobile voice/broadband network operator Intertelecom is the latest in a string of Ukrainian companies to cease direct trading in the now-Russian controlled peninsula of Crimea, as it has transferred its operations there to a Russian company, reported. The report says that a newly founded Russian company International Telecommunications (Intertelecom) has been issued licences by Russian regulator Roskomnadzor including data transmission, telematic services and the provision of communication channels for five years, valid from 20 October 2014. A new website (, of an almost identical appearance to Ukrainian site is already operational, which displays only addresses of contact/service centres and retail outlets in the Crimea peninsula (including Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yalta and other cities/areas). Contact centre staff confirmed that new users based in Crimea must sign up with the new Russian-owned company.

Russia, Ukraine, Intertelecom (incl. Velton)