Gabon inks ‘historic and vital’ USD58m fibre-optic agreement with World Bank

28 Oct 2014

BiztechAfrica reports that the government of Gabon has signed a USD58 million agreement with the World Bank paving the way for the deployment of a fibre-optic network connecting the oil-rich country’s five provinces via broadband, and linking to neighbouring Republic of Congo via a cross-border connection. The agreement, which has been described by industry watchers as ‘historic and vital’, will comprise an optical fibre spur running along the Transgabonnais railway network and linking the cities of Franceville and Libreville to the 1,140km African Coast Europe (ACE) submarine cable system. The network will also interconnect Koulamoutou, Lastourville, Franceville, Bongoville, Lekoni,Moanda, Bakoumba and Lekoko, before crossing the border to link with the Congo-Brazzaville fibre-optic network. ChinaCommunication Service International (CCSI), a subsidiary of China Telecom Group, has won the contract to build out the network, with work scheduled to be completed within four years.