Vodafone Germany selects NewNet’s IP Short Message Gateway

24 Oct 2014

Vodafone Germany has selected NewNet’s IP Short Messaging Gateway (IPSMGW) for integration within its voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) network. The IPSMGW allows for seamless availability and capability of sending and receiving text messages, and supports all existing SMS-relevant services and use-cases with the current QoS. It ensures continuity for customers in the transition from circuit switch to IP-based LTE environments, while minimising capital expenditures required to provide messaging services over IP. ‘This service provides our partner operators with supported SMS interworking with IP-based messaging on a single platform,’ explains Arjan Lasschuit, senior director for Product Management for NewNet’s Messaging Products, adding: ‘IPSMGW protects operators’ SMS and MMS revenues and investments, while providing a cost effective growth strategy for IP-based messaging.’

Germany, Vodafone Germany