4.5 million Kyrgyz SIMs remain unregistered

24 Oct 2014

Since the introduction of compulsory SIM registration in Kyrgyzstan in March 2014 – requiring mobile users to enter personal ID when activating a new SIM card – the number of registered SIMs had risen to nearly 2.5 million by 1 October 2014, according to the National Communications Agency. However, this means that over 4.5 million of the country’s seven million mobile subscriber accounts have yet to complete registration. At the beginning of this month the largest mobile operator by market share, Megacom, had registered 29.13% (around 815,000) of active SIMs on its network, while Sky Mobile, which operates under the Beeline brand in Kyrgyzstan, had reached 42.3% registration, equating to just over one million SIMs. Third-placed mobile operator by users, Nur Telecom (branded as ‘O!’) had 34.5% (just under 500,000). This compares to a month earlier when the companies respectively had 27.43%, 35.69% and 30.30% of subscribers registered. Existing SIM card holders must register personal ID details by March 2015 or face disconnection.