NBN Co announces first 140 suburbs to receive FTTN

20 Oct 2014

Australian government-backed broadband provider NBN Co has revealed 140 suburbs which are to have fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology introduced over the next twelve months on the National Broadband Network, according to reports from IT News. The operator connected its first FTTN customer on 22 August this year as part of the company’s initial trials to test the technology, which involves taking fibre to a network node then using existing copper cables belonging to fixed line incumbent, Telstra, from the node to the internet access point. A total of 200,000 homes and businesses are to undergo FTTN connection, via 1,000 nodes across the 140 suburbs. New South Wales and Queensland will be the main beneficiaries, with the former to gain FTTN access in 155,000 premises – namely in the areas of Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle – while the latter will receive access in 89,500 buildings throughout the Wide Bay Burnett, Moreton Bay and Greater Brisbane regions.

NBN Co plans to launch a commercial FTTN product by the end of 2015 as long as its pencilled deal with Telstra becomes permanent, and says it has already begun plans for 37,000 additional homes and businesses across the country but has yet to name them.

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