EKIP orders T-Com to lower prices, govt. mulling launch of its own ISP

16 Oct 2014

Telecoms watchdog the Agency for Electronic Communications and Post (EKIP) has ordered fixed line incumbent Crnogorski Telekom (T-Com) to lower the price of its internet service by 25% from 1 November and by 35% from 1 December. Balkans Insight quotes EKIP’s director Zoran Sekulic as saying that the operator’s prices were too high compared to the cost of offering the service. The official added that Montenegrins pay more for broadband than any nation in the region or the European Union (EU), and that the government is considering establishing its own internet service provider (ISP) to provide citizens with cheaper internet access. Sekulic noted that the average price for broadband in the EU is EUR13-EUR15 (USD16.5-USD19.0) whilst T-Com’s lowest rate is EUR20. T-Com’s ‘Basic’ DSL offering is actually EUR14.23 per month, although this is capped at 1GB of usage and is the only plan priced at less than EUR20. T-Com’s other tariffs provide unlimited downloads, the cheapest of which costs EUR20.33 per month.