Sprint, T-Mobile urge FCC to scrutinise AT&T’s spate of 700MHz deals

15 Oct 2014

Sprint Corp and T-Mobile US have teamed up with a number of public interest groups to petition the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to closely examine some of AT&T Mobility’s recently proposed deals for 700MHz frequencies. According to Fierce Wireless, the two mobile operators sent an open letter to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and the four other FCC commissioners, flagging up the regulator’s May determination that transactions resulting in a carrier gaining control of one-third of the available spectrum below 1GHz in a given market (roughly 45MHz for low-band spectrum) ‘will be subject to enhanced review’.

The report notes that AT&T has lodged applications to buy spectrum from the following companies in recent months:

• Kaplan Telephone Company (two 700MHz C block licences plus one 700MHz B block licence in Louisiana)

• Worldcall (two 700MHz B block licences in Puerto Rico)

• Club 42 CM Limited Partnership (two 700MHz B block licences in California)

• KanOkla Telephone Association (700MHz C block licences in Kansas and Oklahoma)

• Consolidated Telephone Company (two 700MHz C block licences in Minnesota)

• Star Wireless (four 700MHz C block licences in Wisconsin and Iowa).