Telecom Namibia rolling out fibre for national government, education, health

14 Oct 2014

Telecom Namibia is constructing a fibre-optic network to connect central government to the administrative capitals of all 14 regions in the country, its MD Frans Ndoroma told the Windhoek ‘ICT For Development’ summit, adding that the fibre network would also provide the government with a connection to ‘all educational and health institutions’. As reported by BizTech Africa, Telecom has invested in excess of NAD2 billion (USD180 million) to improve the country’s telecommunications infrastructure since 2007, and Ndorama stated: ‘We truly believe in sharing communication and ICT infrastructure towards achieving the development goals of the country.’ The MD indicated that the telco’s wider goals are to continue to expand consumer and business broadband services by expanding via expansion of modern backbone networks and access technologies based on ADSL, WiMAX, fibre-optics, ‘carrier-gate Wi-Fi’ and its mobile 3G and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) platforms.

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