FICORA proposes new, lower LLU pricing

14 Oct 2014

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) has said it believes the installation and monthly rental charges for local loop unbundled (LLU) connections should be lower than the existing rates. As such, it has proposed new charges for what it termed ‘the six most significant telecommunications operators in terms of leasing of broadband networks’, those being: Anvia, DNA, Elisa, KYMP, Lounea and TeliaSonera Finland.

As per the regulator’s proposals it has called for a rate of no more than EUR10.70 (USD13.6) for monthly copper local loop rental, while saying installation charges should be capped at EUR85. Meanwhile, with regards to fibre-optic networks the watchdog has said that the monthly charge for local loops should not exceed EUR75, with installation charges no higher than EUR131. In outlining its price proposals, the FICORA argued that the new maximum charges would promote competition and enable new entrants to enter the broadband sector.

The regulator’s has called for comments on its draft decisions, and interested parties have until 31 October 2014 to make their submissions.