Trinidad & Tobago launches IXP

10 Oct 2014

Trinidad and Tobago has launched a local internet exchange point (IXP) under the name TTIX, enabling internet service providers (ISPs) to connect their users to local content and services cost-effectively, securely and efficiently. As reported by the local Guardian newspaper, TTIX has seven ISP members at launch, namely Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), Columbus Communications (Flow), Digicel, Massy Communications, Open Telecom, Greendot and Lisa Communications, all connecting to a local network switch physically located at the Fujitsu data centre in Barataria. Chairman of TTIX, Kurleigh Prescod – of Columbus Communications – described the launch as ‘a very significant milestone,’ adding that the IXP will improve local internet performance and ‘act as an incentive to attract content providers, such as Netflix, Akamai and Google, to establish a point of presence in Trinidad and Tobago.’ Of over 350 IXPs around the world, Trinidad and Tobago becomes the ninth in the Caribbean, joining British Virgin Islands (BVIX), Curacao (AMS-IX), Dominica (DANIX), Grenada (GREX), Haiti, St Maarten (OCIX), St Lucia (SLIX) and the Dominican Republic. Jean-Paul Dookie, executive vice president of government business for Fujitsu described the new exchange point as ‘an essential building block towards the development of the Trinidad and Tobago knowledge economy.’