Vodafone NL marches into ‘battle for the living room’

7 Oct 2014

Vodafone Netherlands has taken a decisive step in the Dutch market, announcing the launch of its nationwide triple-play – internet, telephony and TV service – ‘Vodafone At Home’, via its DSL network. Taking the fight to incumbent KPN and cablecos such as Ziggo and UPC Netherlands, Vodafone says its new service will give customers more choice, flexibility and quality, by providing a more bespoke package whereby the end user can adjust their package on a monthly basis. For example, subscribers will be able to try out some options for a trial period, while TV and fixed calls will be selectable options, it says.

The Vodafone At Home basic service is available via DSL with speeds of 20Mbps, 40Mbps and 80Mbps it claims, and in areas where fibre is available, at speeds of 50Mbps, 100Mbps and 500Mbps. Residential customers will be offered a standard package including 54 digital TV channels and an app for smartphone or tablet. Additional channel packages will also be offered. Prices start from EUR25 (USD31.4) per month for a DSL 20Mbps/2Mbps (down/up) connection.

Commenting on the launch, CEO Vodafone Netherlands Rob Shuter, said: ‘We are investing heavily in our ambition to become one of the country’s ‘top three’ fixed telecoms operators, and here, Vodafone At Home is a building block for our future, where [converged] fixed and mobile services will [be delivered] seamlessly … Nine out of ten households [are currently served only] by KPN or cable, so there is very little to choose from. An alternative is desperately needed.’

Netherlands, Vodafone Netherlands