Sutel launches nationwide spectrum monitoring system

6 Oct 2014

Costa Rican telecoms regulator Sutel has installed a national system for managing and monitoring the use of radioelectric spectrum. The agency has constructed four fixed stations in Perez Zeledon, San Rafael de Heredia, Oreamuno Cartago and Liberia Guancaste, to monitor spectrum usage, and also uses two mobile units to take measurements anywhere in the country. The four fixed stations and the two mobile units are linked to each other, and feedback information to the monitoring centre in Sutel’s headquarters. Engineer and Sutel board member Gilbert Camacho Mora was quoted in a press release from the regulator as saying: ‘This is the first time that the country has had a Radio Spectrum Monitoring System, which will measure the coverage and quality of different telecommunications services in order to verify that licensees…comply with regulations, and [will] quickly and easily identify any illegal use of spectrum or interference, which will improve the quality perceived by users.’