High court backs CCP decision accusing M-Tel of ‘unfair commercial practices’

6 Oct 2014

The Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria has backed a decision by the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP), which accused wireless operator MobilTel (M-Tel) of ‘unfair commercial practices’. According to a CCP press release, the cellco wrongly claimed that leased handsets coded to work only with M-Tel’s SIM cards could be unlocked for free after the end of the fixed-term contract. However, the CCP found out that subscribers are required to pay a fee in order to obtain the unlock code; ‘this information is provided solely on the company website, and users without access to the internet may take uninformed decision’, the CCP said. Following the latest amendments to the consumer protection law, users now have the right to terminate their contract with a given provider and claim compensation – if the operator has been found in breach of the legislation.

Bulgaria, A1 Bulgaria (Mobiltel)