I-Link to launch LTE broadband following ISP licence award

3 Oct 2014

In a press release yesterday, IT services provider I-Link Gambia announced that it has been granted an internet service provider (ISP) licence by the Ministry of Information & Communication Infrastructure (MOICI) and the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), including the rights to build and operate a wireless broadband network. Under its new concession I-Link plans to roll out a 4G LTE-based wireless broadband network, initially covering the Greater Banjul Area, where around 42% of Gambia’s 1.92 million population reside. It intends to expand to ‘all major clusters nationwide after two to three years with a minimum of 25 base station sites by the end of year three.’

I-Link’s general manager Danny Isaac said that the ISP start-up is currently negotiating with ‘global suppliers’ to roll out the LTE network; I-link is at the fund raising stage and is seeking investors to raise up to USD3 million.

Gambia, I-Link