T-Mobile US takes on the Triad; another 700MHz deal on the cards

30 Sep 2014

T-Mobile US’ ongoing quest to snap up pockets of 700MHz A block spectrum across the country is continuing at pace, Fierce Wireless reports, with the carrier disclosing that it wants to acquire four licences from investment firm Triad 700. Citing a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing, the website notes that T-Mobile hopes to acquire licences in Reno (Nevada), Anchorage (Alaska), Erie (Pennsylvania) and Salisbury (Maryland).

According to its website, Triad 700 was formed to participate in FCC Auction 73, which commenced in January 2008 and concluded two months later; the company acquired 36 licences for a total of USD17 million. Concessions acquired included a ‘very deep spectrum position in Alaska’ (34MHz covering the entire state), plus clusters covering parts of California, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

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