VIP completes NFV trials

26 Sep 2014

Austrian-backed cellco Mobilkom Serbia, which trades under the VIP Mobile name, has completed a successful trial of network functions virtualisation (NFV) technology, virtualising IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) services for business and residential customers. Total Telceom writes that the cellco used Metaswitch’s open source IMS solution Clearwater for the trial, which saw the operator successfully virtualise services including hosted PBX, Wi-Fi-to-GSM call continuity and ‘call jump’ (the transfer of calls from one device to another). VIP noted that it sees IMS as a ‘natural starting point’ for NFV, whilst the CTO of parent company Telekom Austria, Gunther Ottendorfer added: ‘This is the first time in our group that an open source community project has been used in order to implement telecom services on a virtualised environment in an operator network. Telekom Austria Group has already learned many of the advantages possible with virtualisation, following trials in Croatia and Bulgaria. With VIP Mobile’s trial we are also starting to understand what advantages open source projects will bring to the group.’