Where there’s a McWiLL there’s a Xinwei? Datagroup in talks with Chinese investor

23 Sep 2014

Ukrainian telco Datagroup has revealed that its director-general Alexander Danchenko has held talks with the CEO of China’s Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group, Wang Jing, and agreed on a cooperation framework under which Xinwei (known for its ‘McWiLL’ SCDMA-based wireless broadband alternative platform) would potentially invest up to USD400 million in Ukraine in telecoms projects including ‘4G’ development. However, as reported by ProIT, the implementation of the proposed projects remained contingent on various factors including the reform process in the country and in the telecoms sector in particular, with a lack of transparent licensing rules or common ICT development strategy being given as prime examples hindering the attraction of foreign investment. TeleGeography notes that Xinwei is active in telecoms projects in countries including Nicaragua and Cambodia.

Ukraine, Datagroup, Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group