Cordoba co-op begins offering IPTV

19 Sep 2014

Argentine telecoms co-operative Cooperativa de Servicios Publicos de Jesus Maria y Colonia Caroya, which operates in the province of Cordoba, has launched commercial IPTV services, NexTV Latam reports. A range of 88 channels in standard definition and 16 in high definition are available, while a video on demand (VOD) service is also on offer. Last September the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCA) authorised the use of IP-based technology by local co-operatives for the transmission of audiovisual content, although the country’s main telecoms operators remain barred from offering the service. Earlier this month, three co-ops – located in Pueblo San Jose (Coronel Suarez, Buenos Aires province), Morteros (Cordoba) and Buenos Aires’ Telpin de Pinamar – became the first of their kind to launch IPTV services. The four co-ops are part of a group of ten that have worked together to introduce IPTV, with the remaining six – located in Tortuguitas (Buenos Aires), Villa Gobernador Galvez (Santa Fe), RioTel in Rio Tercero (Cordoba), Corpico in General Pico (La Pampa), Funescoop in Funs (Santa Fe) and Telviso from Del Viso (Buenos Aires) – expected to begin offering the service before the end of the year.