GNC-ALFA extends network coverage to 80% of Yerevan

18 Sep 2014

Alternative operator GNC-ALFA, a unit of Russian group Rostelecom which now markets services under its parent’s branding, says it has recently expanded its coverage to over 80% of the capital Yerevan. The altnet’s director general Hayk Faramazyan told journalists that the operator’s network now provides 80% coverage in multi-tenant apartment blocks across the capital, and it has been launching new connections in downtown Yerevan since May. According to Farmazyan, the only areas still to be covered are Arabkir and Shengavit, although both are included in GNC-ALFA’s business plan, which is currently awaiting approval. The altnet says it has already built some 100,000 lines across Armenia, and recently constructed a 40Gbps ring network that allows for uninterrupted, high speed internet access in the capital.

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