Sierratel upgrades fixed network to support ADSL

17 Sep 2014

Sierra Leone’s state-owned incumbent wireline operator Sierratel has upgraded its fixed line infrastructure to support ADSL, domestic newspaper Awareness Times reports. Following the upgrade, the operator now offers end-users broadband access with maximum downlink speeds of 5Mbps, while the telco’s voice services have also been improved. Sierratel has installed nine exchanges in the western part of the country, with additional sites in Portloko, Makeni, Moyamba, Bo, Kenema, Koidu and Lungi, thus extending its footprint ‘almost nationwide’; the switches provide capacity of 50,000 telephone numbers and approximately 20,000 ADSL data connections.

Sierratel’s managing director Adel Taher was cited as saying that the new deployment ‘marks a key milestone in the development of the telecoms infrastructure in Sierra Leone and effectively projects Sierra Leone into the first division of telecommunications capability in the region.’

Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Telecommunications Company (Sierratel)