MWEB debuts unlimited VSAT broadband for businesses

17 Sep 2014

South African internet service provider (ISP) MWEB has launched a suite of uncapped satellite broadband products, aimed at potential business subscribers in underserved areas, TechCentral reports. The unlimited options include speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 10Mbps, and are priced at a level to make VSAT the ‘preferred connectivity option for businesses that have high internet data requirements and no fixed-line alternatives available’; the introductory 1Mbps offering costs ZAR915 (USD83.8) per month, while the premium unlimited 10Mbps connection is marketed at ZAR3,075. These charges exclude satellite dish, modem and installation, and are subject to a twelve-month contract.

MWEB Business product head Hennie van Tonder said demand for VSAT has been particularly high from the mining, agricultural, construction and education sectors; the executive added: ‘Even with the more recent aggressive rollout of fibre infrastructure in South Africa, it has only incrementally increased the available services to outlying areas.’

South Africa, MWEB (South Africa)