Telekom Slovenije may still be sold as a whole

16 Sep 2014

Slovenia’s newly appointed finance minister has said that fixed and mobile operator Telekom Slovenije should not be split into separate retail and infrastructure businesses before it is privatised. Dusan Mramor, who is part of Prime Minister Miro Cerar’s first Cabinet, told a parliamentary committee meeting that the telco should be sold off as a whole, Reuters reports. Cerar had previously stated that he was keen to see strategic assets such as Telekom’s network infrastructure remain under state control, though critics said that splitting up the business would deter potential investors and considerably reduce the income from the sale.

Offers for a 75.58% stake in Telekom Slovenije were invited earlier this year, with around ten telecoms operators and private equity firms reported to have expressed an interest. The previous government had said it hoped to achieve a sale price of over EUR700 million (USD957 million) for the whole of Telekom.

Slovenia, Telekom Slovenije (incl. Mobitel)