Vodafone says 70% of Ireland’s population now have 4G, with 90% coverage in Dublin

10 Sep 2014

Mobile network operator Vodafone Ireland has published an update on its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network rollout, noting that 90% of inhabitants in the capital Dublin are now able to receive its signal, while across the country as a whole the figure is 70%. To date, the carrier’s 4G deployment programme has reached a total of six major cities and more than 267 towns across the Republic, with Vodafone on track to complete its national rollout programme to expand data coverage across both urban and rural areas. The cellco’s next move will be to expand 4G coverage along a number of east coast counties, including Kildare south, Meath, Monaghan and Wicklow. Further, Vodafone says that concurrent to the LTE rollout, it will be upgrading its 3G W-CDMA services to include HD voice and improved indoor coverage.

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