Troop withdrawal and election drama leads to dip in turnover

10 Sep 2014

Revenue from Afghanistan’s telecom sector dipped by 12%-13% in 2013 and is expected to fall a further 4%-5% in 2014, Altaf Ladak, the chief operating officer of Telecom Development Company Afghanistan (TDCA, which trades under the Roshan name) told Reuters. Ladak blamed the slump on the recent withdrawal of foreign troops and an exodus of the nation’s middle class amidst renewed violence in the wake of the disputed presidential election. The Roshan spokesman added that the telco is encouraging the uptake of 3G to offset the impact of the shrinking market: data services currently make up 8% of the cellco’s turnover. Ladak went on: ‘We expect [the market] to tick up again with money coming back and hopefully stability in the country. People are very cautious at this stage.’ Meanwhile, the company is also hoping to boost coverage in rural areas and trim expenditure through tower sharing deals with its rivals.

Afghanistan, Roshan