T-Mobile Netherlands will use 900MHz spectrum to improve 4G coverage

10 Sep 2014

T-Mobile’s Dutch mobile unit has revealed it will utilise its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) spectrum in the 900MHz band to boost coverage – particularly indoors – and set a target of end-2015 to reach full (i.e. national) coverage. In a recent event held in The Hague, T-Mobile Netherlands said that by next summer it will have completed the deployment of 900MHz band services, noting that it is currently working on efforts to reconfigure its entire network infrastructure to focus on LTE. The company’s existing 4G system is based around the 1800MHz spectrum. According to news portal nutech.nl, the carrier says that it has already upgraded 2,000 base stations out of a total of 4,800, adding that the vast majority of devices/handsets it currently offers support the lower band frequency. However, whilst confirming its aim to focus on first upgrading areas where there is high traffic demand (e.g. the Ranstad), its network specialist Richard Marijs says that unlike rivals KPN and Vodafone, it does not yet see a need to deploy Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) technology on its network. Even without the evolved 4G overlay, Marijs says the LTE network will achieve peak theoretical maximum speeds of 150Mbps – compared to 75Mbps for KPN and Vodafone, as they use less spectrum for 4G.

Netherlands, T-Mobile Netherlands