Is it a bird? A plane? No, its Supernet from Vodafone

9 Sep 2014

UK-backed cellco Vodafone Romania has announced the launch of ‘Supernet’ – an offer under which all its users with compatible devices can access higher peak transmission speeds up to 43.2Mbps or 300Mbps (theoretical downlink) on its 3G or 4G LTE networks respectively, while network performance has also been upgraded in terms of stability and security, the company said. The Supernet launch included the introduction of a mobile network consumer security solution, ‘MaxProtect’, which is implemented at the network level providing anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-malware protection for any connected smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC without the need for the user to install any applications. MaxProtect is available at no additional cost to all Vodafone ‘RED’ tariff subscribers throughout their contract, while other subscribers can use the security solution at no additional charge for a period of six months. A security solution for businesses, SecurityPro 2.0, is aimed at enabling enterprises to personalise the use of smartphones among employees in a secure manner. Another component of the Supernet launch, ‘Ultraspeed’ uses a Vodafone-exclusive technology and architecture to provide high speed mobile broadband connections, in tandem with another Vodafone-exclusive component, ‘XStream’ which specifically boosts mobile internet video streaming performance.

Also this week Vodafone Romania expanded its 4G roaming service to 15 countries, offering the service at no additional costs compared to existing (2G/3G) roaming tariffs. The cellco added Austria, Belgium, South Korea, Switzerland, France, Germany, UK, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands and Taiwan to its LTE roaming countries which previously included Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy.

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