Cosmos TV deploys Teleste’s DOCSIS access hub to bring IP services to Minsk users

9 Sep 2014

Belarussian cableco Cosmos TV has selected Teleste, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and services, for the deployment of the latter’s DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH) to bring ultra-high speed broadband connectivity to its customers in Minsk. The Teleste solution will enable the cableco to utilise its existing cable infrastructure to deliver high-quality IP-based services to its subscriber base – in the capital and the surrounding Minsk district. Cosmos TV says the ongoing deployment will be completed by the end of the year. Teleste’s DAH is a new distributed technology for access networks, and supports DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 data transmission and allows cost-efficient extensions of IP networks over existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings.

Cosmos TV is part of the AKADO Group of companies and provides digital cable and terrestrial TV services, as well as high speed internet access in Minsk and the Minsk District. In 2013 it reported signing up more than 33,600 net new subscribers and added 24,306 homes passed in Minsk. The company’s cable TV network currently covers over 460,000 Minsk households, where subscribers can watch more than 100 digital 49 analogue TV channels. The number of broadband internet subscribers on its books has passed the 70,000 mark.