COTEL hoping to increase fixed line rate in 2015

5 Sep 2014

Bolivian telecoms cooperative Cooperativa de Telefonos Automaticos La Paz (COTEL) has reportedly said it hopes to be able to increase fixed line rental charges by BOB5 (USD0.71) from next year, according to La Razon.

As previously reported by CommsUpdate, at the end of July 2014 it was confirmed that local telecoms regulator La Autoridad de Telecomunicaciones y Transportes (ATT) had not authorised an increase in the price of the operator’s fixed line service. Instead the watchdog directed the operator to submit information regarding the reasoning behind the proposed price hike. At that date the president of COTEL’s board of directors Jorge Fabian Guillen claimed that the extra income generated by the higher rates would help cover the debts plaguing the cash-strapped telco, while arguing that the price increase was little more than inflationary adjustment.

Now, with it having been confirmed that the ATT had remained firm in its decision not to allow the price hike in the wake of COTEL handing over its documentation supporting the plan, the co-op has said it will seek regulatory approval to increase its standard fixed telephony charge to BOB21 per month next year.