Tower company to begin rollout by year-end

4 Sep 2014

Progress is being made in the establishment of a joint tower infrastructure firm to manage the deployment and maintenance of mobile towers installed by China’s big three operators, and the China Communications Facilities Services Corporation Ltd (National Tower Company) is now expected to begin work by the end of the year, news portal writes. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom created the company in July this year, with ownership split 40/30.1/29.9 respectively between the three cellcos, but at that date the operators had yet to decide on the injection of assets into the new company.

Since then, the National Tower Company has lined up a development plan that will see it begin construction on around 120,000 new towers by the end of this year, with rollout expected to take three years. In 2015, the company will begin to gradually incorporate existing towers, control rooms, base station sites and indoor distribution systems currently operated independently by the three network operators and in mid-2016 the company will set about finalising the process.

With the creation of the National Tower Company the Chinese government hopes to minimise the duplication of network infrastructure and thereby improve the efficiency of investment in the sector.