Eircom, 3 sign network sharing agreement

3 Sep 2014

Hutchison 3G Ireland (3 Ireland) and Eircom have signed a new network sharing agreement, fulfilling one of the commitments Hutchison entered into as part of receiving EU Commission approval for its acquisition of O2 Ireland earlier this year. The partnership strengthens the existing network sharing agreement which has been in place between O2 and Eircom since 2011, and operates under the ‘Mosaic’ banner. The new agreement will run to 2030 and commits funding to create a shared network of over 2,000 sites over the next three years.

Three and Eircom will share site equipment, power supply, towers and transmission throughout the country. Existing sites of both operators will be consolidated and new sites will be jointly built. The partnership will further facilitate the introduction of new technologies to roll out 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services and deliver nationwide data coverage.

While Three and Eircom will work closely together, the two parties have stressed that there is no transfer of assets, and spectrum will not be shared under the new arrangement. All mobile operations supported by Three and Eircom will continue to compete with each other, ensuring that customer choice in the market is maintained.