China Telecom, Nokia demonstrate FDD-TDD carrier aggregation

3 Sep 2014

China Telecom and Nokia Networks have achieved peak downlink speeds of 260Mbps during a demonstration of Frequency Division Duplex (FDD)/Time Division Duplex (TDD) carrier aggregation using a chip developed by Marvell. The Long Term Evolution (LTE) system achieved a stable peak download speed of 260Mbps, utilising 20MHz of FDD spectrum in the 1800MHz range and 20MHz of TDD frequencies in the 2600MHz band. Of the total speed, FDD spectrum contributed 150Mbps whilst TDD spectrum provided 110Mbps. A press release from the Finnish vendor explained that the achievement is of particular importance to China Telecom, which will be able to: ‘Utilise its FDD band 3 for improving LTE coverage, and TDD band 41 for improving throughput and capacity for the best possible LTE service experience. Carrier aggregation will allow the operation to optimally use the scarce spectrum resources while providing the best LTE service experience.’

China, China Telecom Corporation, Nokia