Tele Columbus upgrades cable broadband speeds

2 Sep 2014

German cable operator Tele Columbus has increased the maximum download speed of its broadband tariffs for new customers. The connection rates of standalone broadband plans have increased from 32Mbps to 50Mbps, 64Mbps to 100Mbps and from 128Mbps to 150Mbps at no additional monthly charge, while the upload speed for all plans has risen to 5Mbps. The company is also offering a dual-play bundle of its new 150Mbps internet rates with fixed telephony for EUR19.99 (USD26.6) per month for the first year and EUR49.99 per month thereafter. ‘The needs of our customers for fast internet connections is growing steadily, and with broadband cable, we have the most powerful infrastructure to meet this demand for high quality’, commented Stefan Beberweil, member of the management board of Tele Columbus Group.

Germany, Tele Columbus Group (PYUR)