KT Corp-backed ORN to unveil open-access LTE network on 1 September

26 Aug 2014

Olleh Rwanda Networks (ORN), the joint venture between the Rwandan government and KT Corp, is poised to launch its open-access Long Term Evolution (LTE) network on 1 September 2014, AllAfrica reports. ORN, which will offer 4G connectivity to local mobile operators and internet service providers (ISPs) on a wholesale basis, has reportedly conducted a successful trial in 13 government institutions, 13 public locations and 17 private sites, including hotels and companies; the trials concluded last month.

According to the online news journal, Airtel Rwanda has wasted little time in promoting the new network, and has placed advertisements in local newspapers flagging up the benefits of the 4G service. LTE SIM cards are priced at RWF20,000 (USD28.40), with modems costing RWF77,000. A monthly data subscription will cost RWF20,000 for 5GB, rising to RWF38,000 (10GB) and RWF73,000 (20GB).