CWC to spend USD10m on enhancing Saint Kitts & Nevis networks

26 Aug 2014

UK-based Cable and Wireless Communication (CWC) is said to have outlined plans to invest around USD10 million in upgrading the networks belonging to its Saint Kitts & Nevis subsidiary, which offers services under the LIME banner. According to the St Kitts & Nevis Observer, CWC’s new chief executive officer Phil Bentley was cited as saying that such expenditure comes as part of the group’s broader strategy to boost capital investment by 30%, to around USD1 billion across its Caribbean and Central American operations over the next three years.

With regards to expenditure in St Kitts & Nevis, around USD4.5 million is expected to be spent on mobile infrastructure upgrades, with a view to ensuring that LIME has the ‘best and most extensive network’. Customers are expected to see improvements in their mobile services from October 2014, by which date the operator expects to have begun constructing new base stations. Meanwhile, some USD5 million has been set aside for broadband upgrades, with a particular focus on beginning a fibre-optic cable rollout later this year. A third element of the investment strategy is focused on boosting business with corporate customers.

Commenting on the group’s strategy, Mr Bentley noted: ‘The first thing I did when I joined the company was to look around at our investment strategy in the region and it is clear to me that we have not been investing enough in our Caribbean and Central American region.’