Brazil’s broadcasters considering action to contend 700MHz tender

26 Aug 2014

BNAmericas reports that a number of Brazilian TV broadcasters are considering ‘applicable measures’ against what they term the shortcomings of the terms and conditions of the upcoming auction of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) spectrum in the 700MHz band. In a statement by the broadcast industry association Albert, the TV firms have deemed the BRL3.6 billion (USD1.6 billion) budget for domestic broadcasters currently using the band – to be paid by the winning bidders in the mobile auction – as ‘insufficient’. Under Anatel’s auction tender, the successful cellcos will bear the cost of spectrum reallocation of TV channels in the analogue switch off, and for the filters needed to address any potential 4G LTE-digital TV interference. However, Albert has estimated the cost of migration to be as high as BRL5 billion – or 30% higher than Anatel’s budget estimate. In response, the regulator has assured interested parties that its costing is based on a ‘meticulous’ estimating process adding that its figures have been endorsed by the spending watchdog, TCU.