Sunrise stable as multi-device plans bolster top line

21 Aug 2014

Full service provider Sunrise has reported a 1.2% year-on-year increase in total revenues for the six months ended 30 June 2014, as growth from mobile and fixed internet services offset the continuing decline in turnover from the fixed voice segment. Total revenue for H1 2014 was CHF995.68 million (USD1.093 billion), of which CHF637.48 million was derived from mobile services compared to CHF612.88 million in the previous year. Fixed voice services contributed CHF255.62 million (-6.8% y-o-y) whilst fixed internet added CHF102.58 million (+5.6% y-o-y). The fixed voice segment had continued its downward trend, the telco noting a drop in ARPU from CHF42.1 per month in H1 2013 to CHF40.4 a year later, whilst subscriptions dropped from 456,700 to 413,400 at end-June 2014. The fixed internet space has also struggled, with user numbers dipping from 360,600 to 330,400, although ARPU was lifted from CHF36.8 to CHF39.7. In the mobile sector, however, Sunrise notes that a drop in ARPU from CHF41.5 to CHF35.3 was due to an increase in secondary SIMs, where a single customer has multiple connected devices. These additional SIMs have a different ARPU and usage profile and as such negatively impact reported ARPUs, despite increasing revenue per customer.

Switzerland, Sunrise Communications