ICTA approves new wholesale IPLC tariff reduction

20 Aug 2014

Mauritian telecoms watchdog, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), has approved a proposed reduction in the bilateral half-circuit charges of incumbent operator Mauritius Telecom’s (MT’s) International Private Lease Circuits (IPLCs), in accordance with Section 31 of the ICT Act 2001 (as amended). The regulator noted that the move will bring more competition to the sector, while ensuring that consumers get access to affordable communications services. The ICTA disclosed that depending on the precise services and respective capacity selected, the wholesale offers could entitle licensed public operators to savings of between 4%-53% off MT’s current retail prices.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in the ten-year period to January 2013 the watchdog reduced the cost of IPLC on the SAFE submarine fibre-optic cable system by 84% in order to promote Mauritius as a competitive ICT destination and boost investment in business process outsourcing (BPO). Twelve months later the watchdog approved a further 16% cost reduction for MT’s IPLC on the SAFE system. The new tariff – USD2,499 – took effect on 1 January 2014.