DNA and Sonera unveil plan to cooperate on joint network rollout in northern, eastern areas

20 Aug 2014

Finnish mobile network operators DNA and TeliaSonera Finland have inked a major cooperation agreement under which they will construct a joint network in the northern and eastern parts of the country. Announcing the development in a press release, DNA has claimed that the agreement will allow both operators to provide customers in these areas with ‘more comprehensive, high-quality high-speed telecommunications connections’.

To undertake the project, DNA and Sonera will establish a new company, Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy, which will take responsibility for constructing a new 2G/3G/4G joint network, which will cover approximately 50% of the geographical area of the country, and around 15% of the population. It was also specifically noted that the two operators will combine their respective Long Term Evolution (LTE)-suitable spectrum in the 800MHz band ‘to enable higher speeds and better service standards’. With DNA taking a 49% stake in this new company, Sonera will hold the remaining 51%, and the JV is expected to launch ‘as soon as possible’. Meanwhile, both companies have confirmed they will continue to compete independently with regard to their products and pricing models in the areas involved.

With the companies claiming that the agreement would lead to the first joint venture of its kind in Finland, DNA CEO Jukka Leinonen noted: ‘I am delighted about this opportunity to cooperate with Sonera in providing a high-speed comprehensive telecommunications network connections for northern and eastern Finland. The future cooperation in network construction will contribute significantly to enhancing the technical quality of network services in sparsely populated areas. In such a large geographic area, a mobile communications network is clearly the most reasonable solution for providing high-speed telecommunications links.’

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