CBL upgrades REVOICE service

20 Aug 2014

Cable Bahamas Ltd (CBL) has invested USD3 million over the last year on the installation of a new Metaswitch-supplied phone switch and software that will allow the cableco to provide voice customers with new features. Bahama Islands Info quotes CBL’s head of marketing David Burrows as saying that the upgrade supports the integration of multiple voice services and will enable the provider to combine its existing fixed line voice with future mobile services: ‘We are putting in place the key infrastructure that will lay the foundation for the future, so that we will be ready to deliver a unified solution for home, business and mobile phone customers.’ The official went on: ‘We are so pleased to be ahead of the game as we anticipate and respond to the growing needs of our home and business phone customers for today and the future.’ The upgrade took place over the weekend, and CBL claims that its REVOICE subscribers will have access to expanded capabilities in the near future.

Bahamas, Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL, REV)