Frequency handover completed without a hitch

19 Aug 2014

Switzerland’s Federal Office of Communications (Ofcom) has announced that the exchange of frequencies between mobile network operators took place without any major problems. The spectrum auction in 2012 saw changes to frequency allocations in the 900MHz and 1800MHz band which were not due to take place until the previous concessions expired at the end of 2013. To that end, the nation’s trio of wireless providers – Swisscom, Sunrise and Orange Switzerland – worked with Ofcom and the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) to exchange the frequencies. The work took place between 21 July and 16 August and was carried out at night to minimise disruption to subscribers. Ofcom claims that there were no unforeseen difficulties although there were a few ‘brief, local interruptions…when some network components were restarted, without any significant effects on the quality of services.’ Another frequency handover is scheduled to take place in 2016.