Cellcom Liberia in SIM registration push

18 Aug 2014

Mobile network operator Cellcom Liberia is ramping up efforts to comply with rules governing SIM card registration, saying it aims to ensure all its one million-plus users are registered. Intensifying its SIM registration efforts, the carrier says that new measures have been implemented in line with regulations set down by the government and the Liberian Telecommunications Authority (LTA), which are designed to help reduce crime and prevent hoax calls. Further, Cellcom says it is backing a new security initiative put in place by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s government as part of an ongoing national state of emergency in relation to the Ebola outbreak in the country.

AllAfrica cites Cellcom Liberia’s corporate communications strategist, Dr Kimmie Weeks, who points out that criminals are using illegal SIMs to reroute incoming international calls which siphons off hundreds of thousands of United States dollars which would otherwise go to the government in revenue. Weeks notes: ‘In these difficult times, when the government needs all of the resources it can get to fight this deadly disease, we cannot allow that revenue to be stolen by shady individuals and companies who are taking advantage of using unregistered SIM cards.’

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