Broadcasters, ISPs outraged as parliament adopts first reading of ‘draconian’ sanctions bill

15 Aug 2014

Ukraine’s Independent Association of Broadcasters and the Internet Association of Ukraine have vigorously opposed this week’s parliamentary adoption of the first reading of a government bill (No. 4453a) on ‘Sanctions’ which gives sweeping rights to the National Security & Defence Council and the President to sanction media and internet-based operators or individuals for any actions deemed to create a potential threat to national interests. Under the bill an offending individual/entity may be deprived of, amongst other things, the rights to:

- licences and other authorisations;

- broadcast television and radio services;

- frequency resources;

- provision of telecoms services and the usage of public telecoms networks;

- marketing/outreach activities, including internet-based or distribution of printed/other information materials;

- participation in the privatisation of state property;

- usage of property belonging to the individual/entity.

As reported by ProIT, the bill’s broad list of sanctions ends with the catch-all ‘other sanctions consistent with the principles of their use in this Act.’