ZICTA considering legal action over continued sale of active SIM cards?

14 Aug 2014

Zambia’s telecoms regulator has reportedly threatened the nation’s cellcos with legal action over the alleged selling of active SIM cards, All Africa reports, citing the Times of Zambia. With the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) having stressed that Statutory Instrument number 65 of 2011 prohibits the sale of pre-activated SIM cards, a random check in Nakonde and Isoka in the Muchinga Province was said to have revealed that agents of some mobile service providers were still selling such cards.Elliot Kabalo, a type approval engineer at ZICTA, was cited as saying: ‘This is against the deadline of the SIM registration regime. The mobile service providers know that no operator is allowed to sell an active card.’ Meanwhile, ZICTA’s consumer protection officer, Edgar Mlauzi, said the authority had also discovered that one particular, unnamed, network was registering Tanzanian subscribers using voters’ cards. Mr Mlauzi highlighted the fact that the law is very clear in saying that all foreign subscribers must only have their SIM cards registered upon provision of a valid passport or a work permit.