Two foreign companies named as prospective new entrants

13 Aug 2014

Ecuador’s telecoms minister Jaime Guerrero Ruiz has met with representatives of UK-backed mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) group Virgin Mobile and Russian telecoms investment group Multinet to discuss the possibilities of entering the Ecuadorian telecoms market as a 4G wireless broadband operator (in Multinet’s case) or as an MVNO (in line with Virgin’s strategy in other Latin American countries). TeleSemana reports that Virgin previously expressed interest in expanding to Ecuador, while Multinet aims to operate 4G LTE broadband access, fibre-optic infrastructure, last mile services, data centres and other telecoms services in the country. TeleGeography notes that Multinet and its investment partners including ICT Group are present in the LTE/WiMAX broadband markets of countries including Peru and Bangladesh using the ‘Ollo’ brand name.

Ecuador, Olo Peru, Virgin Group, Virgin Mobile Latin America (VMLA)