Nepal’s telecoms markets continuing to grow

13 Aug 2014

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has published its latest statistics for the country’s telecoms markets, with the mobile, fixed and internet sectors all registering growth. The regulator confirmed that there were 21.73 million mobile subscribers at 14 June 2014, up from 20.65 million three months before, while the fixed market also witnessed growth, with the total number of lines in service rising from 827,295 to 830,339 over the same three-month period. Meanwhile, there were 426,205 fixed and fixed-wireless broadband internet subscribers at 14 June, up from 410,284 in mid-March.

The market shares of operators in the fixed/mobile voice telephony sector, were almost unchanged, with dominant mobile operator Ncell claiming 49% of all users, and fixed incumbent and cellular operator Nepal Telecom (NT) accounting for 44%. 82% of voice connections were via mobile networks as of mid-June 2014, an increase of four percentage points from three months earlier.