T-Mobile 700MHz licence splurge continues

7 Aug 2014

Following the completion of its USD2.4 billion deal to buy Verizon Wireless’ surplus 700MHz A block spectrum in April, T-Mobile US has acquired a pair of additional A block concessions in the Midwest from a holding company known as ‘I-700 A Block’. According to Fierce Wireless, the licences cover the Evansville-Henderson area spanning Indiana and Kentucky and the Paducah area in Kentucky. While it is unclear how much T-Mobile paid for the spectrum, Fierce Wireless notes that, back in 2008, I-700 paid around USD1.73 million for the Evansville-Henderson licence and USD441,000 for the Paducah licence.

The deal with I-700 is likely to be only the tip of the iceberg for T-Mobile, however; speaking during the firm’s second-quarter earnings conference call, CEO John Legere noted that the company has recently entered into agreements to acquire A block spectrum from ‘multiple parties’ for approximately USD50.5 million. The identities of the companies involved have yet to be disclosed.

United States, T-Mobile US