Viettel returns EVN’s 450MHz spectrum to MIC

5 Aug 2014

Vietnamese military-run telecoms firm Viettel has returned the 450MHz frequencies it acquired through the takeover of struggling CDMA operator EVN Telecom to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), reports. EVN Telecom – formerly a subsidiary of state-owned utility Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) – offered ‘E-Com’ and ‘E-Phone’ CDMA-based fixed-wireless services, as well as ‘E-Mobile’ branded cellular phone services, which were launched in March 2006 over a 450MHz CDMA2000 1x network. Mobile market leader Viettel took over the ailing company in early 2012 and its remaining customers were encouraged to migrate to Viettel’s GSM network by January 2013, at which date the military-run company stopped transferring subscribers and disconnected any remaining users on EVN Telecom’s network.

Vietnam, Viettel Telecom