Telecom calls for nationwide 1Gbps availability

5 Aug 2014

Telecom New Zealand is calling for the country’s four Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) infrastructure owners to implement 1Gbps peak download speeds across their networks and to provide a consistent range of service tiers to make it easier for internet service providers (ISPs) to market services to end users. Telecom, which is soon to be re-christened Spark, is one of more than a dozen retail ISPs which offer services over networks being rolled out by four Local Fibre Companies (LFCs), Chorus, Northpower, Ultra Fast Fibre and Enable Networks.

Telecom’s General Manager for Product and Service Delivery, Lindsay Cowley, commented in a press release: ‘We applaud the LFCs for their innovation and increasing the fibre speeds we can offer to customers. However it’s getting to the stage where there are too many different inputs across different parts of the country, which makes marketing nationally consistent fibre services to our customers more difficult.’ Cowley said Telecom has written to the LFCs to request that they provide similar service options in all geographical areas, ranging from the entry-level 30Mbps download/10Mbps upload offering to the peak 1Gbps down/500Mbps up. ‘We reckon it’s time for New Zealand to become a ‘Giganation’ in terms of broadband speeds and for the ultra fast broadband network to truly live up to its name,’ he added.

Ultra Fast Fibre introduced the country’s first 1Gbps services last month across its franchise area which covers eight markets in central North Island: Hamilton, Tauranga, Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Tokoroa, New Plymouth, Wanganui and Hawera.

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