Regulator withdraws TEO’s call transit obligations

1 Aug 2014

Lithuania’s Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) has removed certain restrictions on the provision of call transit services that were imposed on the country’s fixed line incumbent TEO LT. Until now, these restrictions were applied on the call transit services provided by TEO to both domestic and foreign operators, but after conducting a market analysis, the RRT found that there were neither any competitive constrains nor any single operator having significant market power (SMP) present in the call transit market. As such, the regulator has decided to withdraw certain obligations of price control, accounting separation, provision of access, non-discrimination and transparency related to the provision of call transit services that were imposed on TEO. ‘This means that TEO will have more flexibility in responding to the market situation and will be able to work more effectively with other operators in the market,’ noted Aleksandras Samuchovas, head of Business to Business at TEO, adding: ‘As a result of the reduction of the administrative requirements, we will be able to more quickly respond to the market conditions and to make more attractive offers.’

From 1 January 2014 the RRT also withdrew the obligations and related requirements imposed on TEO for the provision of fixed line national and international calls to residential and business customers.